Yuen Method:  Healing on the spot!

An open mind is all that’s needed, and it will open your hands to empowered healing unlike any other. Energy is the constantly flowing thing in the Universe, and mastering one’s energy enables us to make the positive change needed to eliminate the pervasive pain that afflicts the walking wounded in this earth.

In a city like Hong Kong where instant results are required, the Yuen Method, a chinese energetic medicine, is a perfect fit. It is an instant solution to all kinds of blockages: physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and many others. All bad habits and ways of living can be eliminated. It may seem like magic but in fact, it is a one-stop shop to helping people live the best life they can possibly have. Life can be transformed on all levels simultaneously: health, fitness, future, relationships, finances, occupation, and purpose.

What is the Yuen Method

The solution provided by the Yuen Method solves the core of universal human problems. We are all alike, and yet we are all different in our aspirations. But this solution works for everyone. All problems at the surface are the tip of the iceberg. Yuen method sears through that tip and looks at the root of the matter. The corrective measures in the Yuen Method pursue the roots of things and not just snuffing out the manifested effects.

The method values synchronicity for increased abundance and opportunities. If the body were properly viewed as spectrum of variety or energies of varying levels, the Yuen Method is the best solution. The concept may seem new to some but there are already 15,000 practitioners of this method from all walks of life. The diversity of people who attest to the effectiveness of the method shows that Yuen Method is clearly a universal solution for the global problem of pain. It is a one-stop shop of healing, detoxification, and energy boost rolled into one. A cocktail of recurring physical and psychological problems will be addressed by this single solution. Under a bigger bird’s eye view of the healing range, Yuen Method falls under the category of Chinese energy medicine.

More and more people are seeking holistic or natural remedies for their ailments. It is becoming a more widely accepted alternative to medical procedures and has produced its own set of successfully healed patients. Side effects of harsh medication often treat the physical manifestation. We turn to age-old wisdom of Eastern medicinal techniques to teach us how to go beyond that and there have been numerous practices aside from the Yuen Method that have previously explored the arrangement of the body’s flow of energy. Despite this, a more holistic approach is necessary that resonates well with existing and known methods by other healing experts. It is mix of the good things from Western and Eastern wisdom, which are joined in this Yuen Method of healing.

Healing and pain are not isolated physical concepts. As such, the permanent solutions to pain issues in the body, mind, and soul are best undertaken with a holistic approach. It is with such approach that cutting-edge Yuen Method hinges it core principles. It uses multiple facets of an energizing process to help achieve the following:

1) Good health, regeneration of cells, and healing;

2) Pain management techniques;

3) Improvement in performance; and

4) Mastery of one’s self in the personal and professional realms.

The Yuen Method brings an individual to an optimum zero-point or neutral state. Instead of addressing the effects like manifested pain, the method tackles the root of all the manifested effects and aims to restore the necessary balance to the body. The body’s energy flow is more focused on, under the premise that there are multiple consciousness levels in each human body. This method ensures that all the levels of consciousness are aligned with one another. It has thrived under an out of the box thinking philosophy that it is hinged on.

Contrary to popular belief, illnesses are not caused by energies by themselves. The important thing is to go back and discover what caused the undesirable states and seen effects that indicate that there is an existing energy imbalance. These roots are often called energy blockages that need to be restored to balance immediately. But the core truth is that energy is not independent or free to chart its course. It is up to the person to direct these energies properly and do the necessary corrections. But like many other things, one cannot correct when the knowledge to correct it is not there.

Yuen Method: A Brief Trace of History

Despite its relative newness to contemporary society, Yuen Method has been formulated out of 5,000 years of healing practices in ancient Chinese Shaolin temples. Western knowledge augmented the traditional healing practices of the East. This intermarriage of physiology, anatomy, energetic technique, structural analysis, Qi, quantum physics, and Shen Gong have been spearheaded and developed by Dr. Kam Yuen D.C. The doctor himself was an expert in the fields of structural engineering, martial arts, chiropractic medicine, homeopathy, and nutritional therapy. He was also a 35th generation Shaolin master. He had to retire from his previous lifestyle to undertake this cause of providing healing or treatment to people all over the world, and has taken this cause to a different level.

Dubbed as energy medicine, Yuen Method is both a form of energy and psychology. It complements other holistic solutions provided by EFT, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, hypnotherapy, prana healing, acupuncture, meditation, EFT, and yoga. It synergizes with the positive effects of these practices when done simultaneously. This makes it even more palatable to those who are already enjoying the benefits of these mentioned complementary techniques; they can benefit all the more and expect a more speedy physical and psychological healing and regeneration.

How the Yuen Method Works

The treatment aims to empower individuals in overcoming all forms of life barriers, both at an internal and external level. It aims to shoot two birds in one stone: physical and psychological wellness. Testimonies from clients show that the method is effective, free of pain, natural, and fast. The benefits range from healing of long-term physical illnesses to some semblance of professional success and prosperity.

The tiers of energy and consciousness are dug deep by this method of healing. Once the core has been found, it eliminates the blockages at the very core which will radially remove the painful symptoms in the outer layers. The fixes are permanent. Each correction corresponds to relief from pain. Even pregnant women or people with disabilities are encouraged to try because it is completely safe and non-invasive.

Some of these insights have first been discovered by Dr. Yuan in his opponents when he was training for martial arts. His old teacher had a healing gift and he was inspired by this to study more about healing and using all the things he has learned in various disciplines. Retired from Shaolin Kung-fu, Grandmaster and Doctor Yuen pioneered this cause and has successfully treated more than 300,000 patients with acute health conditions. Through the method, wellness has taken on a whole new meaning and level.

Yuen Method as a Universal Treatment

The method of spiritual and physical development has been widely acknowledged worldwide, including institutions like The Deepak Chopra Center and Stanford University. Various countries have already benefitted from his personal travel and visits to promote this cause, among them Yuen Method Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Canada, Europe, and the Philippines.

The method has been presented in the ‘Jay Leno Show’, ‘Hardcopy’, ‘Strange Universe’ and ‘Extra’. Doctor and Grandmaster Yuen had actually asserted the need to make the healing information public and even had to suffer some disagreement with traditional Shaolin monastery masters in doing so. But his efforts have paid off. This method has been used by many celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Robert Deniro, Seal, Paula Abdul, Chuck Norris, Seal, Steven Seagal, Jack Canfield and Mrs. Martin Luther King.

Compared to other healing methods, Yuen is by its quick results far one of the most affordable. And even when it is so, it remains to be a very altruistic and effective concept that any person can embrace regardless of socioeconomic status, location, or culture. All the treatment requires is an open mind and a willingness to reach the core of one’s consciousness. With its quick results, it is little compared to medical expenses from getting various specialists that try to treat each issue separately. While medical experts came from years of contemporary study and medical approaches came from decades of testing, the Yuen method fuses thousands of years of age-old wisdom and savvy that does not require touching or invasive tactics.

Despite all these accolades the Yuen Method undergoes a continuous process of refinement. Dr. Yuen continues to study pain relief based on the four chief goals of his developed method. With this, real healing has finally been made accessible based on the marriage of ancient East secrets and Western cutting edge technology.

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