Happy, Aware and Efficient at work… no matter What !

Happy employees correlate to raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and task accuracy by 19%. As work becomes our lives, it is dominantly important for us to be happy at work .however only a few of us are fortunate. Most of us are still largely unhappy: 80% of people dislike what they do for a living.

Many scientific studies have proven that a sad worker is a bad worker. Happy workers are 180 percent happier with their lives, 180 percent more energized, and can complete 50 percent of more work than those at the other end of the spectrum.
Happiness at work means better work and better business !

In today’s economical climate, businesses should look into tapping this vast human resource.
[supertagline]The benefits of the Corporate Oneness[/supertagline]

  • Higher levels of productivity, higher sales, higher task accuracy

  • Better performance of the managers  in leadership positions

  • Workers enjoying their job

  • Employees stop complaining about everything

  • A working climate conducive to high performance

  • Meaningful job and life for everyone

  • Good mood at the workplace

  • Lesser conflict amongst the co workers

  • Lesser stress at the workplace

  • Employees are more  responsible

  • Employees are more likely to give sound suggestions and solve problems

  • Honest communication for the benefit of all instead of personal interest

  • High levels of energy in the team

  • The satisfaction of being part of a global process

  • Quick problem solving and overcoming difficulties

  • Less likely to take sick leaves, to quit, or to become burned out

… the list of the benefits of Corporate Oneness bringing happiness at the workplace goes on and on.

The corporate oneness seminar is a truly powerful exploration of the mindset and beliefs which allows everybody to become happy at work, at peace with ourselves and others, maximize performance and achieve the company’s target. By the way it’s one of the most powerful antidote to stress and anxiety at workplace. Imagine how much easier would it be if your employees were happy at work.

The Corporation paradox

Despite  the trainings, corporate seminars and team-building strategies that the companies provide to their workforce, most of the issues they face  at the workplace remain unresolved. Most of the employees are unhappy with what they do for a living, conflicts are still prevalent at the workplace and top executives are burnt out by stress . Hence, they can hardly enjoy their personal life.

It is because corporations are trying to mould people according to new behaviours, new tools and different strategies to optimize their results. However, this only creates confusions, fears, negative reactions and conflicts at the workplace. They are killing their own inherent potential. Unfortunately, human beings are slaves to habits and routines i.e known situations,  where there is no competence and nothing to prove.  It is just comfortable! Change means unknown situations and we fear the unknown. Obviously we are living in a perpectually changing universe that renew itself everyday, so staying in habits is not a solution. Most of us are not even aware of what is the true nature of the world we are experiencing everyday. It is as if we are trying to play the games of life without knowing the rules, we are loosing our energy, getting upset and complaining about not being successful in life and being unsatisfied with our jobs ! To easily succeed, to act as one big force all together, corporations should access the problem backwards: we must first alter our relationship with our self and our resistance to the outer world. Only then, we can enjoy happiness in our personal life and naturally give our best at the workplace to succeed in meeting the company’s goals.

Why a Corporate Oneness for your company?

[superquote] Because it’s innovative, effective, fun and very powerful. It produces observable, verifiable and sustainable positive changes in the company and in the personal life of each participant. It’s because the intervention is not focused on the « employee » but on the person that every participant is attentive, concerned and is naturally taking part in the process. [/superquote]

Experiencing a Corporate Oneness Workshop gives employees an instant access to personal new states of awareness which makes it possible to interact with the company’s microcosm and transform it for the best.

It is very powerful because it’s not a training to master skills, not even a team building. It’s not a big show telling you to paint on a happy face, use “positive thinking” to wish away your problems, or worse, to pretend the problems don’t exist. The participant will not be giving some miraculous ”marketed principles”, the X rules to…, the 3 p of… or another method that has been proven to… sell more seminars or books from the author ! .. .. that make a BIG difference.

The corporate oneness is not a “thing” to be defined – it is, instead, a pathway to transformation that goes far beyond jobs, careers, and businesses and will have a positive impact on all aspects of life. The corporate oneness seminar is an intervention where science, awareness and happiness encompasses a new state of mind, a new way of looking at life, at the workplace, at others, and a new way of reaching out to new possibilities : it’s an instant conscious shift.

You are going to give your company a shift of consciousness that free your workforce from the biggest progress Limitation of old corporate patterns.

It’s a new beginning that will transform the workplace, the results, gives substance to your business and… it feels good !