Counselling-hong-kong-Psychologist-AlternativeDespite the fact that the terms Pyschology and Counselling are regularly utilized reciprocally, there is a distinction between psychotherapy and counselling. Psychotherapy is more enduring than counselling and focuses on a broader range of issues even those who don’t affect your specific behaviors or issues. A lot of dialogue is required that not necessary correct quickly  what is bothering you. Ususaly Counselling is a more short-term than therapy. The Counselling Hong Kong program relies on integrating numerous methodologies to therapy based on the client’s individual needs.
The Counselling Hong Kong approach uses various methods to find the root cause of an uncounscious problem or symptom, such as a traumatic past event that a person has hidden in his non conscious memory.  Once the trauma is revealed, it can be corrected with the help of the counsellor.

Counselling Hong Kong,
a quick fix that lasts

The Counselling Hong Kong Program helps some people change certain behaviors, such as  worrying to much,  having always the same redundant thoughts in your inner talk, irrational belief about yourself, always thinking you can not change… It  also helps people change perceptions of the self by  increasing the self-esteem and the self confidence. If you need mind Clarity, being more focus on yourself to better envision your life, your may consider this unique Counselling approach as a great alternative to Psychotherapy.

Counselling Hong Kong helps the client understand what helps them feel positive or anxious, as well as accepting their stenghts and weaknesses. If you can identify what is triggering certain feelings and ways of thinking, then you will  able to recognize when your are going to react as before, in the meantime you can modify you behavior on the spot before the “Old You” takes the command again. Without big efforts, you become better at coping with any situations for the better.


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