Transforming the life you just LIVE
…into a life you just LOVE with coaching!

Are you feeling overwhelmed or unfulfilled with your current work and life situation? Are you having a hard time figuring out your goals or do you have goals but do not know how you can realize them? Are you looking for a lasting change but need help with knowing when and how to start? Changing your life can feel scary and unattainable when you try to go it alone…

Making significant changes in your life is best facilitated by true partnership. That’s what the co-creative nature of coaching is all about. A life coach is like an objective friend with the expertise to guide you on journey of self-discovery and self-realization. If life’s lessons teach you anything at all, it’s that you don’t have to go it alone.

An efficient approach of change

Over time, Cedric Signori founds that conventional management and life coaching techniques failed to bring the real big shift most of the clients are waiting for. After a complete coaching period, the same unconscious  behaviors, habits, thoughts, keep coming to sabotage the unlimited power of an individual, that’s why most of us keep doing and over-doing the same mistakes… things happen but our life doesn’t really change despite of self-improvement trainings and coaching.

THE FULL SPECTRUM Coaching, is a global approach of human transformatione that takes care both of the concsious and unconscious mind to help you to succeed in your profesional/personal life. Science has revealed, that we only run our lives, decisions, reactions, with our conscious mind at most about 5% of the time ! It’s a fact! That means we are running our lives on our subconscious “programs” 95% of the time (beliefs, habits, memories, behaviors, education, teachings, emotions,past experiences, religion… from chilhood to now). More than all, Psychologists tell us that 70% of the time the daily thoughts that are going trough our head are negatives and redundants… By realizing this you can not continue to strongly believe that you can really change yourself, reach your goals, only with teaching and classic coaching methods. You also have to deal with the inner part of you that controls who you are, what you do, how you perceive the world and how you respond to it.

It’s like when you are reading a self-help book, you say “WOW that sounds very great, it’s going to change my life”… but it doesn’t. After the reading your life is almost the same! So why? The consious mind can learn (the theorie) from reading a book, but it’s your subcounscious mind (the habit mind) that still gouverns your behaviors and replay your life again and again with it’s pre-programs that are still unchanged. You keep doing the same things and expect something different to happend! Whatever you have learned only 5% (counscious mind) can be put in pratice in your life. Does that make sense to you?

The bad news is that 5% of your potential is usualy improved in a conventional coaching,  the good news is that there is still 95% available right now waiting to be unleashed with a FULL SPECTRUM COACHING… just imagine your growth potential!

FullSpectrum means the rich use of multiple processes, methods and approaches for the most powerful possible impact on performance. What if your life coach was able to help you to get free of all that keep you away from success, inner peace and fulfillment. Showing you the path to control how you create in the world around you. Going from a world of “self-sabotage” to a world of Mastery.

What is Coaching and What Role Does a Life Coach Play

Coaching is the process of enabling you, as an individual or a corporate client, to achieve your goals by allowing you to: first, figure out what these goals are, and second, let you understand the actions you should take in order to achieve them.

To help you attain your goals, a life coach drives you into identifying the areas you need to improve on and then helps empower you by guiding you on deciding which actions you should take. Expect your life coach to open your eyes to a unique and often brand new perspective, one that you fail to see because you are too drowned in your current situation.

A life coach is not your relative, not your loved one – a coach is an objective friend who is not be pro or against you. Because of this, a great coach will tell you not only the aspects where you are doing well but also where you are doing wrong, even if this means telling you unpleasant things. This technique of coaching is significant in driving your will to overcome your stress, your anxiety and your doubts that you can reach your goals and enjoy a new and happy life.

But the work of a coach does not end when you have met your goals. Your coach at Bright Step will stick with you even after you have already realized your objective. It is only when you have achieved a feeling of success, happiness, contentment and accomplishment will you be able to see the beauty of life, and that is the goal of your life coach. There is no such thing as a secret to happiness coming from other people because the secret to happiness lies within you and it is only you who can unleash it.

Life Coaching Services We Offer

Bright Step is keen to helping you achieve your goals of a lasting change and an anxiety and stress-free life. With our very own FullSpectrum Coaching, we are able to provide a holistic approach to help you identify the hindrances that prevent you from becoming completely and selflessly happy, free and successful. We provide the following coaching services:


Life Coaching

The primary aim of our Life Coaching program is to help individuals achieve their goals in life through a one-on-one relationship between him or her and his or her life coach. This is attained by providing a specialised support structure that is centred on the person’s future and how we can reach his true potential by empowering his strengths and finding solutions for his shortcomings.

Relationship and career problems are the most common areas that our life coaching program deals with. Our usual clients are between the ages of 35 and 55, who are looking for meaning and purpose in life after years of making the same choices over and over again.


Job Transition Coaching 

This special program deals with career professionals who are undergoing personal crisis as a result of a change in the nature of his or her job or company. Job changes can bring a lot of stress, from dealing with a new boss and co-workers, to getting a grasp of what his or her new job requires. A career change could alter the way you have lived your life for the last five, ten, fifteen years.

With the Job Transition Coaching program, you get to talk to a career coach who will provide an emotional support for you to count on regarding questions going through your mind after your career shift. Another important function of a career coach is that you will be guided and advised on how you can be more effective in
your new job and earn the trust of your new boss and co-workers.

We are SOLELY COMMITTED to helping individuals and corporate clients identify and
achieve their goals of a happy, successful and contented life through our very own life
coaching programs. Seek for a change with a coach. Contact us today to know more
about this opportunity.

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1H30 Online Coaching
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1H Online Coaching 

One-on-One Session
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