The most common areas that Kong Kong’s life coaches help in include career coaching, business management, relationships, and self-esteem problems. However, life coaches are not limited to these areas; in fact, a life coach can help you determine what you truly want in any aspect of your life.

With a passionate, talented successful Coach the list is almost unlimited. A life coach is a counseling professional, you can ask him to help you out with your work life and balance it with your personal life or your other activities. If he has some specific knowledge in Mind Coaching (NLP, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Release), it could be a powerful alternative or complementary service to a Psychology Therapy (Anxiety, Fears, Depression, ADHD, Stress, Burnout, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence).  If he is a Therapist (hypnotherapist, energetic healing, Nutrition, Diet, Sport …) as well, you can also ask your life coach to coach you about your health, or how to manage your health, for that matter.  Spirituality, as well as dealing with your work problems, are also areas that life/career coaching cover. If you lack motivation, or do not know your purpose in life or in a certain area of your life, you can definitely get help from a life coach.

Whatever the problem, be it about dating, sex, career, psychology or your finances, or any of the areas mentioned above, a life coach will be an effective support system who will ensure that your dreams will come into fruition and your goals are met. Life coaches are there not only to support you in every step you make but also to ensure that you are staying true to what the things you really want to do. Aside from this, an effective life coach will also ensure that you are accountable for all the decisions that you make because you alone will be able to make small or major changes in your life effectively.

If you are trying to gain weight or trying to lose weight, getting a life coach is a good idea, too. Aside from the great deal of motivation that coaches give, they will also be able to provide you with the right tools. This is not like having a friend to support you with your goals; this is more like having a mentor guiding you through every step.

Life coaches can work on any area but you should note that there are life coaches who specialize in certain issues similar to “Psychology of Change” with Mind Based Coaching techniques to help in those aspects of life.

Some coaches, for example, are very skilled in helping their clients transition from one career path to another while others are good in guiding their clients on making personal decisions, such as finding one’s purpose in life or finding a good partner.

While it is true that life coaching has no limits, some life coaches are better in specific topics – like Subconscious Mind work – than in others. This is the reason why finding the right coach for you is an important step so that you can finally start making changes for your betterment. You don’t know what is best for you, Psychology, Coaching, Therapy, Self-Help? To take a good decision you need first mental clarity: Information. Finding yourself a perfect fit in terms of getting a counselor can be a challenging endeavor and could take lot of time. This is why we have created this free counseling resource, with a free first meeting in Hong Kong to help you in determining what you need, and if our career counselling, life coaching services fit to your needs. The basics of life coaching are also provided in this free service.


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