Cedric Signori Interviewed in the South China Morning Post 02-05-2013

Interview: how being in a state of “flow”.

“Many of us know what it is to feel stuck.We fell trapped in our daily lives…”
“Perseverance is key, says Cedric Signori, communications specialist, coach…”

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Cedric Signori collaboration on book release

G- the journey to Ludoland

It has been a real pleasure to actively participate in the exiting adventure of re-writing,  improving ideas, core meanings and market the release of this fantastic book from the very creative author Galorian. I wish him a big success.

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Captain G Book  Cedric Signori Creativity

Book Galorian Store  541818_10151316419652698_1601230064_n

Coaching for Marketing,

Research for WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™)

by  Olga Boytsova

Extract of the research:

“Cedric Signori – a communication specialist, coach, and branding consultant with over 10 years of corporate world experience.


He was invited by the CEO of a top to bottom vision driven franchised brand to coach a marketing team that constantly needed to keep the franchisees empowered with innovative marketing tools and activities that would promote a new product concept. The CEO thought that his marketing team had a limiting belief in their own creativity and therefore had difficulties coming up with new ideas.


After a few sessions with both the team and the CEO, Cedric ended up coaching mostly the CEO, who had brilliant marketing ideas himself and simply did not know how to communicate them to the marketing team. At the same time, the CEO was worried about performance of the marketing team. In his view, if employees spend too much time on thinking about ideas and receiving coaching, there won’t be much time left for implementing the ideas.

As a result, Cedric assisted the CEO in:

Gaining awareness of his own creativity and transforming it into marketing activities;

Narrowing down the business vision and marketing strategy;

Improving his leadership style.

This case is a good example of coaching for creativity or ways to be open-minded, which could be a very powerful experience for a coachee. The client’s business experience may amplify the results scope that the coaching can trigger.”

The full research can be found HERE

Cedric Signori talk

Beauty and the Body

Tue, 24 July – 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Cedric Signori will give you the basic knowledge, the tools and some advices to start to change your life for the better.

Venue: Holly Brown, 2/F 22 Stanley Street, Central

Hong Kong - Mind Coach - 24 July 2012 -

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