Counselling: is your life passing you by ?

What is the meaning of life if you feel like life is passing you by despite of all your efforts… Even for those who have reached most of their goals, yet perhaps the foremost goal may be missing :  Being truly Happy.

It is an illusion that happiness consists in accumulating money or knowledge or comforts or reputation. Happiness can be attained by cultivating a state of mind which is unaffected by fortune, good or bad.

Happiness is the most important  goal that make other  goals meaningful in life.We cannot buy happiness. Neither can we win it nor seal it. we cannot acquire or accumulate  better quality  happiness than our neighbours. It is not a material that can be bought or  inherited. Happiness is all about you, it is a gift that exists within you. It  is the ultimate self-realization. It is incomparable.

Hong Kong is one of  most stressed-out cities in the world. it is a city with long and stressful working hours, cut throat career competition and the constant pressure to make money in order to stay at the top level. People are chasing money in pursuit of happiness. yet are you really happy with all the money and materials in your life ? If despite your best efforts, you still  feel frustrated and overwhelmed because the same old conflicts with your wife/husband, kids and your employees keep resurfacing, it demonstrates that you are not living in a state of pure-awareness that can bring you happiness.

What are you expecting from life ?

We have amassed unprecedented material goods and yet are still as unhappy as ever. Don’t waste your time waiting for something to happen in your life. Life is too short and too precious to be passed by. Happiness Mentoring is an insight for people who wants to wake up before it is too late. Experiencing happiness is the most wonderful gift that you can do for yourself, your family, your friends and for your partners.

Embrasse your life, BE HAPPY NOW!

Start eliminating unhappiness Quickly, Change your Life permanently using The Mindfulness Mentoring Methode (MMM). The MMM consists of several processes that are used to help you eliminate present limiting/wrong beliefs and past experiences that result in negative emotions. IT’S ABOUT EXPERIENCING HAPPINESS AND INNER PEACE BY FIRST LEARNING TO ACCEPT AND LOVE YOURSELF.

  • Understand the roots of unhappiness
  • Awaken  the happiness within you, reliving the child in you
  • Experience rest and peace, stop the incessant mental noise, stop thinking too much
  • Practice mindfulness, be fully present in the moment, being focused, centered
  • Separate your personal life from your professional life, instantly switch between your two worlds
  • Break away from personal thoughts when at work and vice versa
  • Free yourself from your fears and bad habits
  • Love and accept yourself, live a true relationship with who you are
  • Sit by yourself, doing nothing, needing no one and be at peace
  • Reconnecting with your unconditional love, loving others selflessly
  • Reconnecting with the loved ones, being in peace and harmony with the people close to you
  • Discover other ways to solve your problems, quicker than ever
  • Delete long hard date situations or patterns
  • Free yourself from inner conflicts
  • Be aware about your true nature and the purpose of your life
The Happiness Mentoring Methode is about taking an effective holistic approach to living well consciously by understanding, identifying and releasing your emotions and by implementing long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes and mind patterns… it’s about changing your understanding, your perspective and giving you the tools to change your life for the better and forever.
Reduce stress, anxiety, transform fears, anger, suffering into a positive energy, become confident, solve your problems in your professional and everyday life, turn your inner conflicts into joy… see your life with new eyes FIND HAPPINESS.


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Where it all begun

During the business coaching sessions with all his corporate clients, Cedric Signori had discovered that all them have many similarities : they were all positive hard workers, wealthy, powerful, most of them married to an understanding and supportive woman/man, but only a very few were truly happy with their personal lives. They have done sterling work since their young age in their quest to achieve their dreams but the accumulation of wealth and power did not lead them to a state of wholeness.

More than a trusted adviser of  his clients, Cedric has become a trusted confidant, such as a family member or close friend who has always lent his ears to someone in need. It’s because, they were amongst someone like them, knowing about their world and the rules. Therefore they were more comfortable with him rather to share their privacy.w were truly happy with their personal lives. They have done sterling work since their young age in their quest to achieve their dreams but the accumulation of wealth and power did not lead them to a state of wholeness.

[aside title=HOW] He shows them how to instantly shift their perception that define how they  embrace life, how to love themself and how to start a happy ageless living.[/aside]

After more than a decade of insight on the mind-body-spirit connection, a true spiritual initiation by some extraordinary people from all around the world that has unlocked his personal life, Cedric perfectly knows how the world works and how to handle unhappiness. On a personal level, Cedric Signori decided to teach his clients to live in awareness by first sharing his own experience and then sharing his great knowlege.  He shows them how to instantly shift their perception that define how they  embrace life, how to love themself and how to start a happy ageless living. Way beyond therapy, business and life coaching, personal development or positive thinking to reach your goals, Cedric teaches you how to align body, mind, and spirit, and to make small changes and radical shifts that transform the way you experience life each and every day.

Cédric-Signori-Life CoachingMan’s natural state is happiness, so we cannot be blamed for craving that which is our own. But we are making a serious mistake: we believe that the happiness for which we crave comes from objects, which we can experience. What is the remedy? To drink of that ever-flowing spring of happiness you must turn to yourself, to your Higher-Self, your state of pure consciousness which however obscured is the resident of your heart, the subtle truth of your being. Cedric with his vast experience knows how to guide you to reach there.

What is Happiness mentoring ?

Mentoring is no coaching, no personal development, no psychology, it’s neither a healing, in fact most people don’t really need therapy,  they need awareness, clarity, great knowledge and experience. Happiness is living your true self, your true identity of love, being a free person, creating and expressing yourself in joy. At the very first session, the mentor guide you to experience happiness again by initiating the process of self-awareness. You will then be able to reproduce this state of peace and joy, everytime you  need it.

How Does it Work ?


It’s much more powerful because it’s a knowledge transfer that is instantly experienced, you can feel the benefit right away, it will  shift your consciousness, waking up a part of you that has been dormant for so long. You will be guided through a process that will allow you to open your present awareness to abundant awareness. You will be aware of living in the present moment and enjoy each little instant of life.

Happiness has the power to fulfill your existence

Profound changes in life start with profound changes of self. This would be no different than asking to see a different face in the mirror. Life is just a reflection of us.

Don’t wait for a messiah to bring back Happiness into your life, because he won’t. You have to realize that it is within you….and to find that `Cedric is the one  to guide you …….

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