Transformational coaching,
how to change for the better

Recent scientific studies have shown that we run our lives, decisions, and reactions with our conscious mind less than 5% of the time. That means we are running our lives from our subconscious mind 95% of the time, which includes beliefs, habits, memories, behaviors, education, teachings, emotions, past experiences, religion, and so on since childhood to now. Moreover, psychologists say that 70% of the time our daily thoughts are negative and redundant. This means you can not continue to strongly believe that you can really change yourself or reach your goals, only with classic therapies alone; you also have to deal with the inner part of you that controls who you are, what you do, how you perceive the world and how you respond to it.

Tansforming Limitations into Freedom…

The FullSpectrum Transformation coaching is a global approach to human transformation that takes care both of the concsious and subconscious mind to help you to succeed in your life.The FullSpectrum coaching uses multiple processes, methods and approaches (Hypnosis, PNL, Mindfulness, EFT, Psych-K, Holotropic Breathwork, Yuen Method, Quantum Healing) for the most powerful possible impact on transformation for success. Since the FullSpectrum Transformation coaching works on the physical, mental, emotional, conscious and non-conscious levels, it’s difficult to fail.

No matter how long you have been depressed, no matter how deep are you anxiety attacks, no matter your age or your willingness, you will be  able to remove your issues and be free of all that keeps you away from success, inner peace and fulfillment. Showing you the path to be in command of your life, the FullSpectrum Transformation coaching will teach you exactly how to stop whatever is bothering you on the spot. Imagine a brand new start in life, going from a world of “self-sabotage” to a world of Mastery.

You will be able to shift your thoughts, the way you think about situations and look at the positive aspects of living, enjoy every day.

Life is too precious and too wonderful to waste it in being bothered by little or big issues. No matter what happened in the past, you can choose to live your highest next years starting right now

Change your life for the better and forever! 

  • Remove anxiety
  • Stop depression
  • Manage stress
  • Be the person want to be
  • Stop inner conflicts
  • Free yourself from fears and bad habits
  • Love, forgive and accept yourself
  • Increase happiness
  • Change the beliefs that drive your life
  • Solve problems quicker than ever
  • Change negative habits or patterns
  • Find creative solutions for business
  • Reconnect with the flow of life… and More!

Why is it usually so difficult to change?

It’s like when you are reading a self-help book, you say “WOW that sounds very great, it’s going to change my life”… but it doesn’t. After the reading your life is almost the same! So why?The consious mind can learn (the theorie) from reading a book, but it’s your subcounscious mind (the habit mind) that still gouverns your behaviors and replay your life again and again with it’s pre-programs that are still unchanged. You keep doing the same things and expect something different to happend! Whatever you have learned only 5% (counscious mind) can be put in pratice in your life. Does that make sense to you?

The bad news is that 5% of your potential is usualy improved in a conventional methods,  the good news is that there is still 95% available right now waiting to be unleashed with a FULL SPECTRUM TRANSFORMATION… just imagine your growth potential!

How many sessions do i need?

You will feel some positive results just after the very first session of FullSpectrum Transformation. In order to fully remove a specific disorder or deeply change yourself, a minimum of 3 sessions is necessary. In the process of self-improvement, self-growth, if you are expecting a shift in your personality or lifestyle,  5 to 10 sessions will give the best results. Be free of all that keeps you away from success, inner peace and fulfillment. 

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