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Life, Business, Career…how to rewrite your beliefs with or without coach PART 2

choose-thoughts-coachingHKContinuing from Part 1…  How can we tell the difference between a productive thought and a non supportive one? Your emotions are your guide in letting you know whether they are good for you or not. Emotions are one of the many subconscious languages, so you should learn to listen to them no matter what because these feelings are yours. Repressing your emotions is not recommended because they are great indicator. Noticing how an idea makes you feel is one way to develop awareness.

Believing that this world is an unlimited multiverse where everything is possible will empower you and make you feel more confident. Your emotions will serve as a magnet that will attract circumstances, situations, and people that match these emotions.

The most important thing of all is to start selecting your own thoughts while keeping in mind that you are the master of your own existence. Having a zest for a loving life, and being appreciative is a natural state of being.

It even comes to a point where our beliefs influence how are bodies operate. Believing that we are healthy and vital beings will mean we are just that. If we think and believe that we are creative, capable, or powerful then these are the things that will be attributed to us. If we believe that something is easy or something is difficult, it will usually turn out the way we believe it will turn out. Whatever the situation, what happens to us is up to us. What is brilliant about this is that we get to choose what we will be, what we will have and what we will do regardless of what others say. Our perception of ourselves is very important and will literally define and create who we really are. Reclaiming this power is both challenging and rewarding. It’s more effective and quicker to make it happen with the right tools, techniques and therapies provided by your coach, as i do it in all session here in Hong Kong for life, business, executive and career coaching.

Awareness Choose Beliefs CoachingHKWe are now being tested to be self-aware on how we use the power of thoughts. We are born with a number of abilities but society cultivates a belief that we are but powerless beings. Our natural abilities are blocked at a very early age but this can be changed and we can become a creator of our own reality.

If you ask yourself right now what your heart truly wants by taking a look inside yourself, you will be able to see yourself better. Being compassionate while doing this will make it easier for you to accept yourself for who you truly are.

You can start asking yourself the following questions will help you:

  • Did I select my own belief system?
  • Which of these beliefs did I inherit from my upbringing, my teachers, and my family?
  • What is stopping me from being free and happy?
  • What is the thing that makes me angry the most and will I be able to forgive and let go of this?
  • What kind of thoughts do I have when I wake up?
  • Do I treat my body well?
  • What is my opinion about sex?
  • What are my beliefs when it comes to money and being wealthy?
  • How far is my family’s influence on my behavior?
  • What type of world do I want to be in?
  • What can I achieve in this lifetime?
  • Am I truly free?
  • What are the things I deserve from this life?

In our personal coaching session, we use different non invasive techniques to access the subconscious mind with you and get accurate answers from within. But by yourself, writing down your answers to these questions will help you. Sure it will be difficult to do so, but these questions are very revealing and they will guide you in knowing what you truly value and what you truly want.

belief system matrix coachinghkIf your beliefs do not serve you, you must discard these beliefs or expanding upon them but in certain situations, it is a bright idea to let go of one belief and replace it with another. Being flexible about your beliefs is a good thing because there is a need for us to transcend our thoughts for us to thrive. Practicing positive affirmations and believing in yourself that you can direct your own transformation is the best thing to do. For more insights on how to release yourself from the beliefs that chain you, it’s good to take one to three coaching session to learn the best techniques and be able to do it by yourself .

Whatever happens, you should always believe in your own worth because you are perfect. Recognize your own brilliance and do not be afraid to shine as brightly as you should. If you have questions or want to add something to this list, feel free to share them in the comments section. Remember that as we continue to expand our understanding of ourselves, things will just fall into place. The perspective of reality will shift and as a result will affect the world at large.

Remember, you don’t get what you want, you get what you believe. Every little progress should be celebrated no matter how small. Lead by example so that others can follow!

Take care,


Cedric Signori
Life coach, Career Coach, Personal Coach – Hong Kong
Motivational Speaker, Communication Specialist, Consultant

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Life, Business, Career…how to rewrite your beliefs with or without coach

rewriting-beliefs-life-coach-hong-kong-career-coach-HKIn life you don’t get what you want, you get what you believe. One of the things you can learn from an effective counselor, may it be the best life coach, career coach or executive coach, is that your beliefs have this certain kind of strength they have the power to become reality. In essence, what we perceive now in our mind would later on translate to experiences… in your real life here in Hong Kong or anywhere else. When a career coach helps us to realize the power of our beliefs at the most primal level, it becomes easier for us to understand why our jobs experiences are the way they are and start transforming them. Sometimes it is so powerful that it leads to a career change or a personal transformation.

Each person has a number of beliefs based from different sources including family propensities or inclinations, childhood experiences, and social and cultural influences among other impressions from past experiences. These impressions, define one’s 3-D reality because one’s belief system are the very thoughts that one holds most dear whether it is about oneself or about the world in general. It’s your blueprint defining if you are struggling with money, love, aging…. if your are stuck in life or if you feel happy with a meaningful life and successful career.

Those beliefs are our convictions at the subconscious and unconscious level, the core source of our thoughts – the “programs”, the patterns – that design what type of daily thoughts we have, the things we imagine and perceive to be a part of reality at the conscious level.

conscious-subconscious-mind coaching hong KongThese “programs”  are usually unseen since they are birthed in the subconscious mind where experiences of the inner and outer worlds are stored. They determine whether one is geared towards failure or success. it has for sure a lot to do with low self-esteem, self confidence, fears, habits and their opposites.

Fortunately, when these beliefs are changed or altered (re-programed with the help of a skilled and experienced therapist-counselor-coach), it also follows that our reality also changes.

This is the reason why it is very important to look inwards with an experienced transformational life coach or career coach that master how the subconscious mind works to see what core beliefs are about life and ourselves to match these to our goals and aspirations. Even for business, coaches are great help.

Opting to create an empowered, expansive and loving life or a successful career in hong kong would mean believing in an enormous amount of positive and constructive values, refusing to keep our self-destructive/blocking beliefs, negative energy and get rid of subconscious inner conflicts.

Belief System Coaching Hong KongPositive thoughts of course bring forth a better life while having a belief system based on fear will only separate or divide things so that the believer will be “secured” or “protected”. But one has to note that having fear is like having a nightmare –it appears to crises, competitions, and scarcity. Since the ego feeds on fear, it is easy for it to run the show per se. It is well-promoted too both in world affairs and in the cultures of the world. It does not have to be this way though. It is vital that we realize that we alone are responsible for our beliefs and that we can alter them. While this will not be a piece of cake alone because fear is a difficult nemesis to beat, it is doable as long as you are persistent in the process of thinking loving thoughts and that your main aim is a better way of life for everyone around you.

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Cedric Signori
Life coach, Career Coach, Personal Coach – Hong Kong
Motivational Speaker, Communication Specialist, Consultant




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How to attract the good things with your life coach

How to attract the good things with your life coach

Most people are familiar with the saying that ‘birds of a feather flock together’, meaning that people attract similar personalities around them.  What some have noticed is that ‘what you think, you attract’.  The people who spend time complaining about the world around them seem to attract ‘bad luck’, or miserable people, or more things to complain about.  On the other hand, happy people appear to attract ‘good luck’, good things around them, not only in their personal life but also in their career. They are a great at manifesting. It’s not imagination.  You do attract what you think. We create our own reality, attracting things is knowledge and as any other skill you have, manifesting is no different from driving a car! For the best results, you have to learn first with your life coach or business coach, practice a lot by yourself and it will become so natural that you will not even realize that you’re doing it!

So how do you deliberately attract the good things?

First, discover what you are thinking with your life coach and, if you don’t like it, change it with his help.  Ignore the people who say that ‘a leopard can’t change its spots’ and the voice inside that says ‘I am what I am and can’t change it’.  You are what you are and that includes the capacity to change yourself.

Discovering what you are thinking is a matter of being aware of it.  If you need clues, listen to the words you most frequently say.  Are they praise or criticism?  How often do you say good things about the weather?  How often do you say nice things about people?  What was the latest thing you just said?  Positive or negative?

It takes practice, but the more you are aware, the more you listen to yourself, the easier it becomes.  Your life coach will show you how to do it effortlesly. Soon you can hear what you are about to say, before it comes out.  That makes it a lot easier to change your mind about what you say.  You can choose to say positive things.

The more positive things you say, the more ‘thank you’ you express, the more praise you give, the better life will become and the more good things you will attract.

It might seem basic, too simple.  If it is that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?  The sad truth is that we get a kick out of criticising.  So we keep doing it.  We feel that we must be better than the people we are criticising.  We feel clever if we say critical things about the weather or other people.  And it becomes a habit.  In a coaching session you will quickly experience that it’s easier to break that habit if we become more aware and pack more praise into our day.  That includes praise and thanks for ourselves as well.  To ourselves – not bragging.  Just the way you would say ‘thank you’ to someone else who had done something for you.  Don’t overdo it; just give positive recognition to yourself as well as to others.  And if there’s nobody to say it to, just think it out into the universe.  It’s you feeling and thinking it that does the good.

The more positive things we say, the more positive our thinking becomes and the more positive things we attract to ourselves.  Your life coach can be the one who might you wonder that you are in a different world entirely.


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How a Life Coach Makes A Difference!

Life Coach HK - Career Coach HKYou Don’t Need a Shrink; How a Life Coach Makes A Difference!

 Are you fed up with feeling overwhelmed or unfulfilled? Are you ready to transform the life you just live into a life you just LOVE? Changing your life can feel scary and unattainable when you try to go it alone… so bring a friend, a coach, or better yet, bring a life coach!

Making significant changes in your life is best facilitated by true partnership. That’s what the co-creative nature of coaching is all about. A life coach is like an objective friend with the expertise to guide you on journey of self-discovery and self-realization. If life’s lessons teach you anything at all, it’s that you don’t have to go it alone.

About a week ago it became very clear to me that the theme of this article would be friendship. After all, friendship is critical to success. When you combine challenge and togetherness you get effort, but challenge and solitude is an equation for struggle. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough struggle to last me a lifetime.

Friend is an old English word which means “to love or to favor”.  I can remember a time during my junior year of college when I really needed a friend.  I was at a new University with a new major in a new town and I didn’t know a soul on my first day of class. Midway through the day, I mustered my courage and walked right up to a girl sitting across from me. With a big smile, I cheerfully said “Hi!”

To my total dismay, she said nothing. In fact, she didn’t even look up at me, but stared straight ahead as if she hadn’t seen me at all. I went back to my seat confused and embarrassed and tried my best not to look hurt. That was almost 20 years ago, and yet I can remember it vividly. Like a majority of painful memories it was based on lies; the lie that I was invisible and the lie that I was essentially alone.

So much has changed since then. I’ve grown and evolved and discovered the truth that I’m never alone. I learned that what’s most important is to be honest and be myself and understand deeply that that is enough. And I learned that by entrusting others with the truth, it creates a conduit through which the favors and love of friendship can flow outward.  It’s only when I trust… that magic happens.  Magic is full of wonder and life is full of magic. It happens when you need it the most and when you expect it the least. In fact, it happened just this afternoon.

As I worked in the garden, I considered how to introduce the essential friendship of life coaching to the millions of people who confuse it with therapy. I was pruning back the overgrown rhododendrons and the blackberry brambles and thinking to myself. The light was growing dim as I moved closer and closer to the mailbox. I set down my rake, crossed the street and pulled out my letters. Among the junk mail I discovered a card with a return address of a very dynamic woman I’d coached over the summer. The envelope was torn and taped and oddly postmarked twice. I could see that the card had become lost along the way, trying to keep up with me as I’d made two moves in just six months. The letter had come from across town and had started its journey in the middle of July. Here it was the last week of September, but the timing of its arrival couldn’t have been more perfect.

I opened it to find a sweet illustration of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet having tea with honey. The caption read “It’s so much more friendly with two”. Inside, I found a beautiful heartfelt inscription: “Thank you for your guidance and light as I continue my journey toward abundance, prosperity and joyful living.  Woo hoo!!!”

I smiled with my whole body and I marveled at how life gives us such magnificent surprises and support in ways you could never imagine. I was reminded that true friendship is an invaluable exchange of a joy that encourages all life.

In the words of Donna Roberts:

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you’ve forgotten the words.” 


Author : Joyanne Sloan

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How a Life Coach Can Bring About a Paradigm Shift

How a Life Coach Can Bring About a Paradigm Shift

What is a Paradigm?

Well, in science, a paradigm is best described as the framework within which a particular scientific school of thought operates. A paradigm sets the boundaries within which, for example, experimentation takes place. On the plus side, this means the experiment is carried out in accordance with particular rules, particular ‘givens’, making it relatively simple to explore the results of said experiment and so understand the outcome. On the negative side, however, the boundaries created by the paradigm can also limit the extent of scientific exploration. This can lead to the stagnation of scientific thought within the discipline in question. It goes without saying, therefore, that, certainly in the long term, paradigms are harmful. They stand in the way of advancement, of evolution.

Paradigms were, at one time, the exclusive preserve of the scientific community. Nowadays, however, we talk about paradigms in almost every area of life, so we do in life coaching . We talk about political paradigms, sociological paradigms, business paradigms and even personal paradigms.

So, how do a life coach avoid the negative consequences of paradigms? Well, the life coach bring about what is known as a paradigm shift.


What is a Paradigm Shift?

 A paradigm shift is where a community or other collective body, by accident or design, begin to look at things in a completely different manner.

The most famous example is the paradigm shift brought about by Einstein when he published his paper on special relativity. Up until that point, Newtonian mechanics utterly dominated the field of physics. A more every day, comprehensible example is that of the quartz watch.

The quartz watch was created by the Swiss, renown as watchmakers for centuries. They failed to patent or market it, however, because their paradigm prevented them from seeing beyond their own superior (in their opinion) watch-making traditions. Consequently, the Japanese stole a march on them and have been at the forefront of popular watch-making and marketing ever since. The Swiss watch-making industry never recovered. This example is especially striking because the Swiss actually invented the quartz watch but failed to see its advantages. Their paradigm blinded them to what was right before their eyes.

Even Susan Boyle, of X-Factor fame, could be said to represent something of a recent paradigm shift. Up until the very moment she began to sing, the entire world appeared to be unable to accept that someone so physically unprepossessing could possibly sing with the voice of an angel. Up until then, beauty and talent were inextricably linked in our perceptions. We were, collectively, locked into a beauty/talent paradigm.


What Has This Got to Do with Life Coaches?

Think of a life coach as someone from outside your realm of expertise, with ‘your realm of expertise’ being, of course, you. A life coach doesn’t know anything about you, at least not at the outset. They don’t have any insight into your character, your history, the numerous events that have made you what you are. You might think this would put a life coach at a considerable disadvantage (of course, over time, your life coach will come to understand you like no other) but, at the outset, they are a pair of fresh eyes, which means they possess none of your life-limiting paradigms.

Like the Swiss, there could well be some completely life-changing tool right before your eyes, but your utter ‘you-ness’ will always get in the way. You could be literally moments away from a dramatic paradigm shift which could send your whole life hurtling in a new, hitherto unexplored direction. You could be on the verge of a wonderful and wild adventure. A life coach could be just the person to help you break down those barriers and make it all possible.


All it takes is a little shift.

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Are You Looking for New Life Purpose?

Are You Looking for New Life Purpose?

Do you find yourself asking, “What is the purpose of life?” or “What is my purpose?”  Do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau?  Do you feel like you’re on a path that seems to be leading nowhere?

While you may feel like you’ve hit a wall or are going around in circles, there really is a way to make sense of it all.  The search for purpose really begins with admitting a need for it.  The next step is to hunt for the right resources or the right people to talk with that can help set you on your way.

Sometimes it’s hard to climb out of a rut on your own.  Help from a professional might be what you need.  Is it time to consult with a counsellor or life coach in hong kong?  Do you have anyone you can turn to in order to gain clarity; a good friend or a close relative?  You might be helped by spending time with happy people who model lives of purpose.  Most people benefit from having caring and insightful people with which to share life with beyond themselves.  When you’ve reached a plateau, having someone to help you see into the future, when you can’t see it for yourself, might be the difference you need.

 A Few Truths about Finishing A Season

There are a few truths about life that are also helpful to know.  One is that life is full of seasons. Ecclesiastes suggests there is a time and season for everything under the sun.  Rather than fall into depression when a season of life ends, it is helpful to realize that when one season finishes, another is about to begin.

Finishing a season can feel sad.  Grieving is a normal process for any loss.  Here is a small example of how people grieve as a normal part of life:


  • Imagine you’ve bought a double scoop ice cream cone and before you’ve had a chance to lick it, the ice cream falls to the ground.  How do you respond? Shock? Anger? Frustration? Remorse?  Though what you’ve lost is of minor importance comparatively in life, you still go through stages of grief.  Eventually you’ll move on, though. You might decide to ask for someone to clean it up, you might see if a free replacement will be offered.  You might just walk away and count your losses.

As silly as an example this may seem, it demonstrates how even the simplest losses cause a reaction.  No matter what precluded the lack of purpose you are feeling right now, grief might be part of it.

Most people experience a few feelings of grief when they finish school, leave a job, move away from friends and at various seasons of parenting.  When something ends, as things do with everyone, you might find it beneficial to grieve before moving on to find new purpose.


What You Can Do

If you are finishing a season and itching to move forward with new purpose, here are a few simple steps to take:

  1. Acknowledge a season is ending.  Permit yourself to have a grieving period.
  1. Reflect on the variety of purposeful things that were accomplished in that season.
  1. Commemorate that season if appropriate.  (Write a farewell letter or journal entry, scrapbook photos, frame a certificate, host a party, remodel a room, buy a new wardrobe—whatever fits the scenario.)
  1. Decide that you are right where you’re meant to be and waste no time feeling sorry for yourself.  Do the assignments in front of you and anticipate new things coming your way.
  1. Remember that even in difficulties, purposes are fulfilled.
  1. Make an intentional choice to enjoy everything beautiful that is around you right now.
  1. Refuse to fear the unknown future.
  1. Have an open mind and look for new opportunities.
  1. Look for positive people to spend time with.
  1. Look for role models whether they be local people or people you read about.
  1. Have a physical check up and get fit.
  1. Take new steps.

While transition usually feels uncomfortable, it is something that we all walk through.  Begin making plans for your next season.  Consult with a specialist such as a life coach, if you need a little guidance.  No matter where you are and what you are feeling right know, there is life purpose for you in the days ahead.



Joy R. Calderwood