A quick & powerful approach of Human Transformation

Communication specialist, coach, motivational speaker, business and branding consultant, Cedric Signori has been part of the corporate world for many years helping individuals and companies make the most of their resources.

Cedric SignoriHis simplicity and his affable nature surprised the people he has been training, managing and coaching over all these years. Genuine , cheerful and optimistic are his qualities to spread joy in life. People experience at his side better performances, successful projects, happiness and notice swift positive changes in their personal and professional lives. His method? Coaching the conscious and the unconscious mind to get remarkable results. Sharing with people his expertise and his amazing knowledge about the way the real world works, the way we all live together and providing direct access to his quick powerful methods and experiences that have positively unlocked his life. By Coaching the mind he gives the keys to live our lives to the fullest and how to be aware of our inherent nature to handle every situation.


Cedric Signori was born and raised in France where he completed his engineering education. He then went on to specialize in mastering communication, coaching and human behaviour. Since 1999, Cedric Signori has been successively working as an entrepreneur, design manager, communication manager, marketing director, business development director, founder of an advertising agency and a consulting company. This has given him a deep understanding of  the challenges that many employees and top executives face in their everyday work environment to achieve their expected goals  or objectives.

Cedric  has been exploring the world of consciousness and awareness for more than a decade. Expert in leadership psychology and psychology of change, he has been an independent researcher working on the correlation between rationality and personal improvement. He has been providing workshops, corporate trainings, personal coaching in diverse areas such as business, sport, family etc. He has been successfully coaching and mentoring individuals as well as entrepreneurs, franchising networks, decision-makers and  CEOs. Know more about Cedric in this Interview from AsiaSpa Magazine.

Partnership and Collaboration in Hong Kong

Dr Sue Jamieson - Holistic Central Medical Practice

Sharing the same vision of life, Cédric and Dr Sue Jamieson have deciced to collaborate in order to achieve their common goals : helping hong kong people to be free, healthy, happy, successful at peace with themself, in the easiest and natural way possible.

Scotland and Harvard-trained, Dr Jamieson is Hong Kong’s most experienced asia ex-pat family doctor, with more than 23 years experience in Hong Kong and a wealth of knowledge in the areas commonly affecting busy expat lives, especially in the area of stress.

Dr Susan Jamieson, MB ChB, MRCGP, DRCOG, FHKAM (Fam Med) (Member of the Australian College of Nutritional& Environmental Medicine), is also a specialist in integrative health, founding Dr Susan Jamieson & Holistic Central Medical Practice to combine the very best of Western and Eastern therapies. Therapies include family medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, psychotherapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and much more.

Dr Jamieson is the Hong Kong’s doctor to the world’s most famous, high pressured, rock stars such as Mick Jagger, Kylie Minogue, Il Divo, Greenday, Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, The Eagles and others. She is also a humanitarian and an author.

Make that change

Cedric Signori has the skill, understanding and insight into both the corporate and the individual empowerment that few can ever hope to possess. He founded The Bright Step in Hong Kong in order  to expand his work in the most stressful city of the world, providing a pathway to experience an authentic shift of success, peace, happiness, well-being in every area of  life.

This unique approach of self-improvement and fulfillment that guides an individual to discover and consciously feel the unity between the inner-self and the outer-world has already helped many people/companies to restore a meaning  in their lives/workplaces, quickly, easily and joyfully : Cedric wants to help everybody in life to embrace his gift and seize every moment in a state of awareness.

Lack of meaning, of happiness, too much stress, too many conflicts and not enough satisfaction… he is the one to show the path in Hong Kong.

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