Life, Business, Career…how to rewrite your beliefs with or without coach

rewriting-beliefs-life-coach-hong-kong-career-coach-HKIn life you don’t get what you want, you get what you believe. One of the things you can learn from an effective counselor, may it be the best life coach, career coach or executive coach, is that your beliefs have this certain kind of strength they have the power to become reality. In essence, what we perceive now in our mind would later on translate to experiences… in your real life here in Hong Kong or anywhere else. When a career coach helps us to realize the power of our beliefs at the most primal level, it becomes easier for us to understand why our jobs experiences are the way they are and start transforming them. Sometimes it is so powerful that it leads to a career change or a personal transformation.

Each person has a number of beliefs based from different sources including family propensities or inclinations, childhood experiences, and social and cultural influences among other impressions from past experiences. These impressions, define one’s 3-D reality because one’s belief system are the very thoughts that one holds most dear whether it is about oneself or about the world in general. It’s your blueprint defining if you are struggling with money, love, aging…. if your are stuck in life or if you feel happy with a meaningful life and successful career.

Those beliefs are our convictions at the subconscious and unconscious level, the core source of our thoughts – the “programs”, the patterns – that design what type of daily thoughts we have, the things we imagine and perceive to be a part of reality at the conscious level.

conscious-subconscious-mind coaching hong KongThese “programs”  are usually unseen since they are birthed in the subconscious mind where experiences of the inner and outer worlds are stored. They determine whether one is geared towards failure or success. it has for sure a lot to do with low self-esteem, self confidence, fears, habits and their opposites.

Fortunately, when these beliefs are changed or altered (re-programed with the help of a skilled and experienced therapist-counselor-coach), it also follows that our reality also changes.

This is the reason why it is very important to look inwards with an experienced transformational life coach or career coach that master how the subconscious mind works to see what core beliefs are about life and ourselves to match these to our goals and aspirations. Even for business, coaches are great help.

Opting to create an empowered, expansive and loving life or a successful career in hong kong would mean believing in an enormous amount of positive and constructive values, refusing to keep our self-destructive/blocking beliefs, negative energy and get rid of subconscious inner conflicts.

Belief System Coaching Hong KongPositive thoughts of course bring forth a better life while having a belief system based on fear will only separate or divide things so that the believer will be “secured” or “protected”. But one has to note that having fear is like having a nightmare –it appears to crises, competitions, and scarcity. Since the ego feeds on fear, it is easy for it to run the show per se. It is well-promoted too both in world affairs and in the cultures of the world. It does not have to be this way though. It is vital that we realize that we alone are responsible for our beliefs and that we can alter them. While this will not be a piece of cake alone because fear is a difficult nemesis to beat, it is doable as long as you are persistent in the process of thinking loving thoughts and that your main aim is a better way of life for everyone around you.

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