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Life, Business, Career…how to rewrite your beliefs with or without coach PART 2

choose-thoughts-coachingHKContinuing from Part 1…  How can we tell the difference between a productive thought and a non supportive one? Your emotions are your guide in letting you know whether they are good for you or not. Emotions are one of the many subconscious languages, so you should learn to listen to them no matter what because these feelings are yours. Repressing your emotions is not recommended because they are great indicator. Noticing how an idea makes you feel is one way to develop awareness.

Believing that this world is an unlimited multiverse where everything is possible will empower you and make you feel more confident. Your emotions will serve as a magnet that will attract circumstances, situations, and people that match these emotions.

The most important thing of all is to start selecting your own thoughts while keeping in mind that you are the master of your own existence. Having a zest for a loving life, and being appreciative is a natural state of being.

It even comes to a point where our beliefs influence how are bodies operate. Believing that we are healthy and vital beings will mean we are just that. If we think and believe that we are creative, capable, or powerful then these are the things that will be attributed to us. If we believe that something is easy or something is difficult, it will usually turn out the way we believe it will turn out. Whatever the situation, what happens to us is up to us. What is brilliant about this is that we get to choose what we will be, what we will have and what we will do regardless of what others say. Our perception of ourselves is very important and will literally define and create who we really are. Reclaiming this power is both challenging and rewarding. It’s more effective and quicker to make it happen with the right tools, techniques and therapies provided by your coach, as i do it in all session here in Hong Kong for life, business, executive and career coaching.

Awareness Choose Beliefs CoachingHKWe are now being tested to be self-aware on how we use the power of thoughts. We are born with a number of abilities but society cultivates a belief that we are but powerless beings. Our natural abilities are blocked at a very early age but this can be changed and we can become a creator of our own reality.

If you ask yourself right now what your heart truly wants by taking a look inside yourself, you will be able to see yourself better. Being compassionate while doing this will make it easier for you to accept yourself for who you truly are.

You can start asking yourself the following questions will help you:

  • Did I select my own belief system?
  • Which of these beliefs did I inherit from my upbringing, my teachers, and my family?
  • What is stopping me from being free and happy?
  • What is the thing that makes me angry the most and will I be able to forgive and let go of this?
  • What kind of thoughts do I have when I wake up?
  • Do I treat my body well?
  • What is my opinion about sex?
  • What are my beliefs when it comes to money and being wealthy?
  • How far is my family’s influence on my behavior?
  • What type of world do I want to be in?
  • What can I achieve in this lifetime?
  • Am I truly free?
  • What are the things I deserve from this life?

In our personal coaching session, we use different non invasive techniques to access the subconscious mind with you and get accurate answers from within. But by yourself, writing down your answers to these questions will help you. Sure it will be difficult to do so, but these questions are very revealing and they will guide you in knowing what you truly value and what you truly want.

belief system matrix coachinghkIf your beliefs do not serve you, you must discard these beliefs or expanding upon them but in certain situations, it is a bright idea to let go of one belief and replace it with another. Being flexible about your beliefs is a good thing because there is a need for us to transcend our thoughts for us to thrive. Practicing positive affirmations and believing in yourself that you can direct your own transformation is the best thing to do. For more insights on how to release yourself from the beliefs that chain you, it’s good to take one to three coaching session to learn the best techniques and be able to do it by yourself .

Whatever happens, you should always believe in your own worth because you are perfect. Recognize your own brilliance and do not be afraid to shine as brightly as you should. If you have questions or want to add something to this list, feel free to share them in the comments section. Remember that as we continue to expand our understanding of ourselves, things will just fall into place. The perspective of reality will shift and as a result will affect the world at large.

Remember, you don’t get what you want, you get what you believe. Every little progress should be celebrated no matter how small. Lead by example so that others can follow!

Take care,


Cedric Signori
Life coach, Career Coach, Personal Coach – Hong Kong
Motivational Speaker, Communication Specialist, Consultant

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