How to attract the good things with your life coach

How to attract the good things with your life coach

Most people are familiar with the saying that ‘birds of a feather flock together’, meaning that people attract similar personalities around them.  What some have noticed is that ‘what you think, you attract’.  The people who spend time complaining about the world around them seem to attract ‘bad luck’, or miserable people, or more things to complain about.  On the other hand, happy people appear to attract ‘good luck’, good things around them, not only in their personal life but also in their career. They are a great at manifesting. It’s not imagination.  You do attract what you think. We create our own reality, attracting things is knowledge and as any other skill you have, manifesting is no different from driving a car! For the best results, you have to learn first with your life coach or business coach, practice a lot by yourself and it will become so natural that you will not even realize that you’re doing it!

So how do you deliberately attract the good things?

First, discover what you are thinking with your life coach and, if you don’t like it, change it with his help.  Ignore the people who say that ‘a leopard can’t change its spots’ and the voice inside that says ‘I am what I am and can’t change it’.  You are what you are and that includes the capacity to change yourself.

Discovering what you are thinking is a matter of being aware of it.  If you need clues, listen to the words you most frequently say.  Are they praise or criticism?  How often do you say good things about the weather?  How often do you say nice things about people?  What was the latest thing you just said?  Positive or negative?

It takes practice, but the more you are aware, the more you listen to yourself, the easier it becomes.  Your life coach will show you how to do it effortlesly. Soon you can hear what you are about to say, before it comes out.  That makes it a lot easier to change your mind about what you say.  You can choose to say positive things.

The more positive things you say, the more ‘thank you’ you express, the more praise you give, the better life will become and the more good things you will attract.

It might seem basic, too simple.  If it is that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?  The sad truth is that we get a kick out of criticising.  So we keep doing it.  We feel that we must be better than the people we are criticising.  We feel clever if we say critical things about the weather or other people.  And it becomes a habit.  In a coaching session you will quickly experience that it’s easier to break that habit if we become more aware and pack more praise into our day.  That includes praise and thanks for ourselves as well.  To ourselves – not bragging.  Just the way you would say ‘thank you’ to someone else who had done something for you.  Don’t overdo it; just give positive recognition to yourself as well as to others.  And if there’s nobody to say it to, just think it out into the universe.  It’s you feeling and thinking it that does the good.

The more positive things we say, the more positive our thinking becomes and the more positive things we attract to ourselves.  Your life coach can be the one who might you wonder that you are in a different world entirely.


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