Are You Looking for New Life Purpose?

Are You Looking for New Life Purpose?

Do you find yourself asking, “What is the purpose of life?” or “What is my purpose?”  Do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau?  Do you feel like you’re on a path that seems to be leading nowhere?

While you may feel like you’ve hit a wall or are going around in circles, there really is a way to make sense of it all.  The search for purpose really begins with admitting a need for it.  The next step is to hunt for the right resources or the right people to talk with that can help set you on your way.

Sometimes it’s hard to climb out of a rut on your own.  Help from a professional might be what you need.  Is it time to consult with a counsellor or life coach in hong kong?  Do you have anyone you can turn to in order to gain clarity; a good friend or a close relative?  You might be helped by spending time with happy people who model lives of purpose.  Most people benefit from having caring and insightful people with which to share life with beyond themselves.  When you’ve reached a plateau, having someone to help you see into the future, when you can’t see it for yourself, might be the difference you need.

 A Few Truths about Finishing A Season

There are a few truths about life that are also helpful to know.  One is that life is full of seasons. Ecclesiastes suggests there is a time and season for everything under the sun.  Rather than fall into depression when a season of life ends, it is helpful to realize that when one season finishes, another is about to begin.

Finishing a season can feel sad.  Grieving is a normal process for any loss.  Here is a small example of how people grieve as a normal part of life:


  • Imagine you’ve bought a double scoop ice cream cone and before you’ve had a chance to lick it, the ice cream falls to the ground.  How do you respond? Shock? Anger? Frustration? Remorse?  Though what you’ve lost is of minor importance comparatively in life, you still go through stages of grief.  Eventually you’ll move on, though. You might decide to ask for someone to clean it up, you might see if a free replacement will be offered.  You might just walk away and count your losses.

As silly as an example this may seem, it demonstrates how even the simplest losses cause a reaction.  No matter what precluded the lack of purpose you are feeling right now, grief might be part of it.

Most people experience a few feelings of grief when they finish school, leave a job, move away from friends and at various seasons of parenting.  When something ends, as things do with everyone, you might find it beneficial to grieve before moving on to find new purpose.


What You Can Do

If you are finishing a season and itching to move forward with new purpose, here are a few simple steps to take:

  1. Acknowledge a season is ending.  Permit yourself to have a grieving period.
  1. Reflect on the variety of purposeful things that were accomplished in that season.
  1. Commemorate that season if appropriate.  (Write a farewell letter or journal entry, scrapbook photos, frame a certificate, host a party, remodel a room, buy a new wardrobe—whatever fits the scenario.)
  1. Decide that you are right where you’re meant to be and waste no time feeling sorry for yourself.  Do the assignments in front of you and anticipate new things coming your way.
  1. Remember that even in difficulties, purposes are fulfilled.
  1. Make an intentional choice to enjoy everything beautiful that is around you right now.
  1. Refuse to fear the unknown future.
  1. Have an open mind and look for new opportunities.
  1. Look for positive people to spend time with.
  1. Look for role models whether they be local people or people you read about.
  1. Have a physical check up and get fit.
  1. Take new steps.

While transition usually feels uncomfortable, it is something that we all walk through.  Begin making plans for your next season.  Consult with a specialist such as a life coach, if you need a little guidance.  No matter where you are and what you are feeling right know, there is life purpose for you in the days ahead.



Joy R. Calderwood